• 2019-04-08 14:29:16

    Introduction of Super New Magnets

    Super Neo Magnet is a new type of magnet 10 times more powerful than conventional magnetic field. A  Super Neo magnet is enough to suck up the new technology of a seven-ton truck.

    Much work can be done with its magnetism:

    1. Sorting, magnetic separation in iron concentrate and iron ore

    2. Magnetron, switch control in electronic field, such as magnetron, reed

    3. Magnetotherapy, magnetic therapy in the field of Medicine

    4. Electromagnetic conversion, which belongs to the basic application, transformer, horn

    5. Guide, compass

    6. Magnetic Rao, Electromagnetic Interference in Military Radio Field

    Super Neo Magnets applied range:

    Acoustic: loudhailer, receiver, microphone, annunciator, sound stage, car audio etc.

    Electronics: watt-hour meter, water meter, noise meter, transducer etc,

    Motor: VCM, CDDVD-ROM, dynamo, electromotor, servo motor, Pilot motors, motor, vibrator motor.

    Machinery and equipment: magnetic separator, magnetic hanging magnets applied range.

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