• 2019-06-21 09:29:57

    Introduction of NdFeB Badge Magnetic Material

        The magnet breastplate belongs to a new type of breastplate. The magnet breastplate uses the principle of magnetism to avoid damaging clothes and stimulating skin in wearing ordinary breastplate products. Fixed on both sides of the clothes by the principle of opposite attraction of magnetic blocks, it is firm and safe. Through the rapid replacement of labels, the product life is greatly prolonged.


    The magnetic material used for the magnetic breastplate is NdFeB. Many people probably have not heard of it very much and know little about it. Here is some information about this magnetic material.

    Material is the important material basis of social progress, the main symbol of human progress, and the milestone of social progress. Throughout the history of human development, it will be found that the discovery and wide use of any new material has raised the ability of human beings to transform nature to a new level.


    As early as the third century B.C., NdFeB magnets in functional materials had been used to make compasses from natural magnetite in Sinan and steel needles in Song Dynasty, which provided the key technology for the development of navigation.


    NdFeB magnetism is an important functional material, which has been widely used in transportation, energy, machinery, computers, household appliances, microwave communication, instrumentation technology, electrical engineering, automation technology, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, biological engineering and other fields. Its consumption has become one of the important indicators to measure a country's comprehensive national strength and the level of national economic development. It is one of the foundations of the current information litigation industry. Some people compare the invention and application of semiconductor integrated circuits to the complete brain of modern information industry. The application of NdFeB magnets gives the limbs and wings of modern information industry.


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